Birthday Challenge

Running and I have not always been friends. In fact, the relationship is tenuous even now.  But I will tell you this; Yesterday I was in a foul mood.  FOUL. Like, I don’t even like myself when I’m that upset.   And I took yesterday as my rest day because of the way my work schedule ended up.  However I was feeling really tight in my hamstrings and my lower back hurt too. This is weird for me, my back is like the hoover dam.  So I did a crunch sequence and then stretched out, nothing structured just some yoga poses and runners stretching.  I felt better, still agitated but better.

Last night as I was going to bed I felt like something was missing.  I looked at my Dizzle and said “I really missed running today.  I think I was looking forward to it. OMG.  I hate running”  and  he replied “no you don’t, you’re a runner now!”  His pride and confidence in my interests makes me sparkle no matter what kind of day I had.  I imagine this is what people meant when they talked about unconditional love.  I have no explanation for why he loves me or is proud of my little personal accomplishments.  But it feels so good!

Sooo I like running? I missed it, I can’t wait until my shift is over today so I can get my run in…

I’m turning 29 in July and I must say getting older doesn’t scare me at all.  Every year of my life has gotten better then the last 🙂 So, I signed up for The Shape 10k on July 24th at 7:30am and I’ve been looking forward to it, in a way.  Well, now, I have a couple friends wanting to run the Marina Bay half marathon and I really wanted to run a half before leaving Singapore. I was so excited I was like “yeah! lets do it!! When is it?”  Turns out it’s July 23rd at 7:30pm. Okay, I did miss my run yesterday but cranking out a 5k a few times a week is a new endeavor.  I’ve never run more then 10k (6.1 miles).  However I think I may do this!! I know it’s a little crazy to schedule a half marathon in two months when I haven’t been training for one.  and I know that a back to back, less then 12 hour turn around from half marathon to 10k is crazy.  BUT I am not competitive.  I’m not fast. I’m not expecting to win any awards.  I figure, if I can up my weekly mileage and get a 10 miler out of myself once a week I could do this.  I could run the half marathon strictly to finish in whatever time I need.  I could then run the 10k as a recovery jog. A jog, as in if I’m wasted from the run the night before I am allowed to walk or crawl or stop and rest.  Participation has to be the only rule.

Whadya think?? How’s that for training motivation!!

In other news, I can’t believe Dan finished all three of the Millenium Trilogy that I had asked him to read. That’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played With Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest.  I loved them. They’re exciting books from the late Steig Laarson, a Swedish writer who created, in my opinion, one of the coolest female heroin’s in literature.  Now that he’s finished the books we can watch the movies!!! I hear they’re making American versions of the movies soon….

MMMM, now I’m craving swedish fish… I wonder if they have them here….


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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