A Splenda Story

*What you need to know from here on out its that I am NOT a doctor, nutritionist, part of the FDA, scientist, researcher or anyone you should think of as an expert.  Everything, and I do mean everything on my blog is my opinion, borne from my experiences and meandering thoughts.  I see through the obviously colored glasses of my own life events and observations.  Do not mistake me for your doctor. I sure don’t.


Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, Splenda may very well be harmless. I don’t know, I have not put the time into looking into it, at all.  I have had opinions handed to me about it on both sides of the coin – some people think it is natural, it is a sugar derivative, and it is harmless; there is one person in particular who has warned me that Splenda is the bringer of all evil.  Just kidding but he did warn me that it is seriously dangerous shit. However I did used to use it whenever I could instead of Equal, even buying it in loose form for spooning it into my tea and coffee.  I never liked the flavor as much as I liked Equal, or even Sweet N Low for some reason (someone tell me why I enjoy the taste of chemicals??)  but it seemed there was a bit of hype going on about how it wasn’t harmful like aspartame.

Long story short I had been listening to a certain someone tell me the evils of Splenda now and again (and steadily ignoring him) when I went home and pulled out my tub of Splenda.  I live in a hot humid country, sometimes things are fine in the cupboard and sometimes they turn into a lumpy humid mess.  Apparently the heat had gotten to my tub of Splenda.  I had to look twice, at first I thought it was empty – weird although I have been known to put empty containers back into the cupboard, not sure why, judge freely 🙂  But no, it wasn’t empty, that’s not the bottom of the container… it had melted into a styrofoam.  I. Kid. You. Not.  the texture was smooth on top and when I pressed my finger in it it was a solid smooth mass that gave ever so slightly to the pressure of my finger.  Styrofoam.  I haven’t been able to consume it since.  I tried to make excuses at first like, sugar, when it melts isn’t the same as it’s dry form texture.  But sugar when it melts is edible and dissolvable.  There’s no way I could have consumed that styrofoam, it would have been healthier to eat packing peanuts.

And there you have it.  I can’t eat Splenda.  I’m sure for some, even some people I know and love, like my Dad, Splenda is dream and has aided him in keeping his diabetes in check.  Splenda makes baking for hypoglycemics, phenylketonurics, diabetics, possible.  and I am so glad for that.  But since I am not allergic to sugar…wait actually my allergy test confirmed that I am allergic to cane sugar.  Scratch that.  Because the styrofoam incident scared the crap out of me I no longer consume Splenda.  Or Equal for that matter.  And while I still have a diet coke here and there I have cut down.  And today I am trying to see if my willpower is strong enough to substitute Oolong tea for Diet Coke.  So far, so good.  I think it boils down to habits again.

Speaking of, I’ve got a lunch break coming up in an hour and while I’m not motivated to workout that is a habit I’d like to keep…

What are your opinions on Equal and Splenda and sugar in general? Do you use it?


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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