Coolest thing ever

Just discovered Smart Coach at Runners World!!! Go check it out if you are new to running or interested in a training plan for a race.  It’s a free tool that will customize training programs based on your last race time, what length race you want to train for and how long you want to train.  It also asks you which day is best for your long run!!  Awesome.  I’m such a nerd but this is so cool.

Also I think I’ve come up with my own abs plan based on a few things I’ve been reading about and my particular goals.  It includes bits of Rusty from Fitness Black Book’s Abs Blueprint.  I really like his blog and his abs blueprint is worth reading through if you’re into ab definition. Actually, I always find his posts entertaining and informative.  His is one of the first fitness blogs I started reading and I’ve remained faithful 🙂

Today I was going to take as an off day/rest day but I felt like going for a run. Instead of my run I ended up napping but when I woke up I was kind of hazy and felt uncoordinated.  I needed cardio but couldn’t bust out a run.  I opted for a power walk outside in the park behind Dan’s house.  Full of steps, it’s a great place for a workout and has a little workout park too!  I turned on my headphones and power-walked for 45 minutes. I ended at the workout park, stretched out my hammies and quads and then did a three ab exercise circuit 3 times through and ended with pull ups on the monkey bars.  I felt less foggy afterwards. I also felt itchy.  The draw back to working out, outside in Singapore is that once you’re sweaty…or at least once I’m sweaty I get attacked by mosquitos, ants and really any other insect that feasts on blood.  I have a constellation of welts on my body now.  Aw well, it’s worth it.  There’s nothing like the clean sweat you get from working out in the specific kind of humidity here.  It’s one thing I’ll miss when we leave.  That kind of sweat I’ve found to be unique.  Yes, my name is Crista, and I’m a sweat addict…some would call me a connoisseur of perspiration.  or a geek.  a sweaty fitness geek.  I wonder what it’ll be like one day to go running in the cold….

Tonight we went to see The Hangover II.  We’d been wanting to go see it for a while now so we were happy to finally get out and see it!











Okay, one more thing.  I really want to get a new camera, a good camera and start experimenting with photography.  Any advice? Suggestions??  Tomorrow is my  “on call” day.  I’d like to get a few things done: online business (ie banking, overseas tax stuff, bills), long run (I’d like to attempt a +1 hr run where I re-hydrate. I can run for a solid hour but then I hit a wall and stop at 1:15 every time.  I NEVER drink water during runs or eat gels or consume anything.  I think tomorrows the day I try!!), look at cameras. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

NOW, can I just brag and say… that’s my boyfriend escorting Paula Abdul on the red carpet??  Well, a red carpet.  He’s the one in the center behind Paula.  He he he!

Ciao for now!


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. Hey lady!
    I’m glad you listened to your body and went for a lighter workout as opposed to a run. I bet your longer run will go much better now, and you will be even more prepared!
    I have a canon powershot and I do like it alot, but I am not a knowledgeable camera person 😦
    That’s so cool about your bf! Feel free to brag 😀

  2. Thanks for the reply! I can’t wait to look at cameras on my next day off 🙂

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