And the losing continues….

No, not me, I didn’t lose anything, really.  But our beloved Essenden definitely got trounced by Melbourne right in front of our eyes and the 2 pitchers of shandy we were anxiously imbibing…I’m told this is a very Aussie way to spend a Friday night.  And I am a-okay with that!  As a sporty and athletic girl myself, I’ve always felt a little bit like a sham watching sports, because I’m usually bored out of my mind and making lists in my head instead of paying attention.  But I think I love AFL.  It’s all the best things about macho male sports and endurance sports all rolled into a fast paced game.  Like Hockey (one of the few other sports I actually do enjoy watching) but with a lot more skin and no weapons.

I read this book a while ago. Dream Healer is written by a man – really just a teenager – who goes strictly by the name Adam.  He’s from Canada.  He wrote three books and this massive one is all three mushed into one binding. I’m very interested in alternative healing methods and I was intrigued by the caption on the back of the book.  He details his experiences of healing people through imagery.  He’s been doing it since he was a child.  I do encourage you to read it if you’re at all interested.  I think it will challenge even the most open minded people.  I don’t endorse or refute his practices or experiences as I don’t really understand them fully.  I WILL say that I believe the mind is very powerful and I believe there are more healing possibilities then commonly accepted.  I wanted to mention the book because I think it is relevant to those who have struggled with eating disorders (as well as many other things).  I’ve actually had several conversations about it recently with people struggling at the moment or others concerned about people they love.  One of the most important practices that I established in my own journey to health was reframed in this book and it reminded me how important it is.  It’s so easy to fall out of the good habits we set for ourselves once we get a little bit comfortable.  Okay, to the point Adam says (and I’m paraphrasing) that you only need to hold on to the good and you have a responsibility to get rid of those things in your life that don’t promote your health.  He calls it “weeding the garden”.  Things, experiences, thoughts, comments people say, come in and out of your attention day by day. It’s your responsibility to get rid of those things not positive, healthy and healing immediately.  Weed your garden.  Because as any green thumb knows, weeds allowed to thrive, even just one or two, can choke out beautiful flowers and delicious herbs.  Sound corny?  I don’t care. It works for me.  Sometimes I fall into a habit of dwelling on negative or unhealthy things.  But when I remember to weed the garden, I don’t question “what if it’s true, what if I am stupid? what if I am a loser” because even if those things are “true” in some sense, thinking them, spending time on them is not in any way productive, healthy, healing.  So I don’t need them.  Gone, done.  The truth is, I use this in many situations not just for my self esteem or my health, also to get me through to goal setting workouts.  There are so many thoughts and feelings that meander in and out of your head.  Yoga also, often, works on helping you see these as transient but not powerful things. I find for myself that the simple mantra of “weed the garden Crista” helps me throw out  anything I might be thinking that is unnecessary. Check out the book if your curious, it’s actually three books in one.

I had to post a picture of my delicious dinner stack (with my shandy in the background).  Is this not the perfect bit?  That would be roast pumpkin, rocket, bococcini mozzarella and sundried tomato.  At that point I didn’t care who was winning or losing the game… I was a winnnneeeeerrrr…

This is me and the good old elliptical.. we spent a glorious sweaty 50 minutes together after work today.

Hope you’re starting off your weekend well!


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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