Day 15…I might be a quitter, but not a loser!

I couldn’t decide on the title of this post.

Can I quit this to??  I don’t think food blogging is my bag.  I love reading other people’s food blogs and perving on their delicious food and I’ll even admit that (contrary to that heinous Marie Clare article) seeing what normal active AND beautiful, fit, lithe, thin women eat and their amount of calories per day helps the large part of me that admittedly still struggles with an eating disorder.  I know, well I truly hope, that the majority of women are like Tina of Carrots and Cake – gorgeous, healthy AND active.  But I’m learning that a lot of them are like me – damaged from the past, wanting to be healthy but feeling like we’re struggling with something that should come naturally. We, well I benefit from those blogs.

However I think I am NOT benefitting from concentrating on my food so much, on taking pictures and weighing and measuring what goes into my mouth.  For me and my particular life goals, I think this will be the final day of this.  I’d like to make it all the way to 30, but I’d also like to stop thinking about it so much.  Don’t get me wrong, I have learned a lot from this experiment.  I have learned that I grossly underestimate what I eat.  I also really didn’t think I consumed half as much sugar as I really do! SHOCK!   And I think in doing this experiment I have learned that food can still be a rough subject for me.  So here is my day 15, my last day of blogging everything I eat.  From here on out, I’ll focus more on fitness, life, love, work and the yummy food I eat that is noteworthy or that I make.  Especially that I make because I’m the kind of person that is really proud of myself when I finish a recipe and it tastes good!!  He he he!

Day 15 Slide Show of food and also a picture showing you how my hair is finally long enough to get that 2003 horn going!  yay!  perhaps it’s the vitamins….

Oh ps. I had a few handfuls of chocolate chips, not the whole bag.  But if the picture was for desire…then yes I desired the whole bag 🙂

AND I ran a 5k on my lunch break in 31:53, which by all rights is jogging but for me is pushing it!  One day I’ll be a fast fast runner!  That day is not today.  Today I’m patting myself on the back and high fiving ME that I did so well.  In between sets at work I did 6 pull ups and 30 crunches.  My brain is sporadic but my body is a machine

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In conclusion I am in fact a quitter.  I quit two things today.  I’m not sorry.  I despise both eating disorders and anal leakage.  They are useless and should be banned!


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. 31: is not a jog! Its a healthy pace. The slower the run, the longer you are exercising and burning calories.
    A note on body image: How do you know when you have reached your goal? Can you actually define when you will be happy with your apperance?
    Answering those questions may give insight to the source of unhappiness.
    People do love you. Regardless of size.

    • Shanti, good questions! Actually that’s the frustrating bit, what is my goal? I’m a performer so I need to always “look my best”. I don’t really know what that is, funny enough. I’ve been bigger and I’ve been smaller and I hate that I want always to be smaller because “smaller” doesn’t mean anything, or take into account health or beauty, it’s just that, smaller. hmmmm I think I have some thinking to do on your questions. Thanks, as always. Hey, how do you feel beautiful? any advice from one fit sexy lady to another?

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