Day 14 – Hump Day is my Monday

Yes that’s right, when it’s a normal week (which is about half the time) Wednesday is the start of my work week, weekends are Monday and Tuesday… so you’re halfway through and I’m just warming up!

I had all the best intentions of having a normal breakfast today. I dug my blender out of hiding (since I broke the blades off of Dizzle’s) and chopped pineapple and banana, dusted off the Spirulina and tried to convince myself that breakfast can be more than a banana and coffee EVEN on days I don’t have off. I made myself a glorious salad from the leftover raw stir fry ingredients to bring to work with me. I had a horrible night of gastrointestinal problems but woke up early to make my smoothie. People, this is a big step for me. Meals make me anxious unless eaten at the end of the day or with a hot man and a latte staring at me. What’s next?! Oatmeal for breakfast? Pancakes? CEREAL?!!!
Alas the thing I had forgotten was to clean the previously abandoned blender and with sleep in my eyes this morning I realized that this appliance was going to need more than a wipe down to be functional. But I didn’t let that deter me. While I didn’t go running for the oatmeal (although, if I’m honest I love the stuff!) I just packed up my banana and pineapple, bought a soy latte at Starbucks and called it Breakfast!

   As a snack before my lunch break I had a Clif Bar.  I ADORE Clif Bars, so much that I asked my best friend to bring me some when she came to visit from the US and she brought me two gigantic boxes that I have slowly been rationing since she left in April. Clif Bars, Crystal Lite and Crest White strips were my requests.  You never know what you miss until there’s no Target nearby! 


It was kind of slower day at work.  My legs are actually really sore for some reason.  I wanted to run a fast three miles today but my legs feel puffy, like when I work them and don’t stretch them out. I wonder if it’s from running stairs on Monday.  So in an attempt to listen to my body I did a 50 minute power walk over my lunch break.  I think I’ve gotten the best results on my body by walking at least once a week.  I tend to build stockier muscles that shorten and bulk up easier than some.  whenever I start to feel tight or my jeans legs feel tight, I take a few long steady walks.  That may sound counter intuitive but it always works for me, my legs do feel a lot better now.  I had a snack after my workout, I had chopped up these veggies this morning and that’s guacamole.  I ate the whole thing regardless of the fact that there’s like 3 servings in there.  When I went vegan for the first time I realize, to my surprise that I adore guacamole.  Heck, I love all things avocado!!

  I had a random half hour of down time at work so I thought I’d try out this 20 minute stress busting yoga routine featured in Australian Women’s Health magazine.  I love reading Women’s Health, Shape, Oxygen and Men’s Health at work.  I am constantly gleaning fitness advice, random nutrition facts.  But rarely do I actually try out a workout or a recipe, not for any particular reason, just because. I like keeping my mind focused on nutrition, wellness, fitness and health.  I don’t know what made me try this today.  I have been taking sporadic yoga classes and while I really do feel I benefit from them, I would say my enjoyment of yoga is slowly growing.  I enjoy it more each time. It’s an acquired taste for me. The benefits though have also grown on me.  So I tried this routine that was created for Women’s Health by Tara Stiles, the new icon of yoga.  I wouldn’t call it a workout but it really felt good for my mind and my body was energized. RAD!  I may have to squeeze this in a few times a week, it felt so calming and my hamstrings definitely got a good stretch.  I did the routine as outlined and then threw in my own sun salutations.  It took me twenty minutes altogether (perhaps I breathe fast… 

I knew I was having dinner with one of my favorite gals and I had been looking forward to it all day!  We both had feta salads and split an order of french fries.  I picked at my salad and the fries, both delicious, I just was to busy talking and finishing my delicious red wine!!

Isn’t she lovely? Jasmine is a beautiful person with a beautiful soul.  One of the best people to share red wine and feta salad with.  This salad is so delicious, I’ve had it before. The restaurant is Brotzeit.  I’d really like to recreate it soon… it’s like mixed greens and bell peppers, thinly sliced red onions with feta, sun-dried tomatoes and homemade mini rye croutons.  I never use the dressing but I think all you could possibly add would be oil and vinegar or possibly something creamy.  When I got home to D-love he was eating pretzels (also a rare find in Singapore) so I snagged a handful and called it a



Today was an interesting day.  I didn’t crave candy.  That will be the topic of the next post 🙂  I have a few things to discuss with you!!


PS I still haven’t looked for a pedometer, a swim cap, or underwater gear for my iPod.  Must. Remedy. Soon…









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