Pep Talk and Day 12

So I had a great time running the Sundown 10k and I felt like I had really run well. But after seeing my stats – 1:10:01 I was a little disappointed.  I know I’m not a fast runner and I know I don’t really train for running.  I never train with a plan other than an amount of time and I know I’m slow.  Sometimes, like every once in a long while I make myself do sprints during my run, but never outside, only on a treadmill.  I don’t know what I was thinking other than if I just keep plodding along eventually I’ll naturally get faster and better.  HA!  I think it’s time for a training plan.  I had downloaded the No Meat Athlete  Marathon Roadmap several months ago but I hadn’t committed to the plan I had just read it for the tips. I’m still not sure I’m ready to train for a marathon but I’m going to go through the document and I might follow the training program outlined.  Training for a marathon doesn’t mean I have to sign up for one yet.  But I would like to sign up for a half marathon… the Army Half Marathon here in Singapore is early September so that’s a possibility.  I did sign up for The Shape Run 2011 on July 24 and it’s another 10k, perfect for me to train for a more desirable time!!  I know it’s ambitious but I’d really like to shave ten minutes off my time and be able to run a 10k in 1 hour flat. So I guess speed training will be a must now.

Dan was trying to convince me what a great time 1:10:01 is and I was arguing with him.  Then I looked up the website of the race I’d just done and it had some neat features I wasn’t aware of before!  Look at these screen shots… made me feel great 🙂  I still have the same goals for the next run, but I’m not some lame run/walker apparently…

I passed more than 600 runners on the second half of the run!  That was my pep talk and I could readily say to D “ok, you were right, you’re always right”

As for the day, we slept in and I called my mom for her birthday and we chatted for a bit while I made coffee (and drank coffee!  with soya milk and 2 raw sugars).  Which also means we didn’t get out and eat something until like 1:30 and we didn’t eat until 2.  I ordered a mozzarella salad and a diet coke.  The diet coke was good and I ate the little pieces of cheese off the salad, but the lettuce was brown and black and wilted so I really didn’t want to eat any of it.  That’s okay because then we got coffee at Spinelli’s and I had a large soy caramel latte and Dan and I split this heart-shaped cheesecake!!!  mmmm, my sugar intake was sky-high and I was loving life!  Later on whilst planning our workout my stomach got a little vocal…hungry!  So I chugged my water and honey mixed with chia and finished off the trail mix.  Dan and I braved the humidity and worked out in this awesome part behind his apartment.  So many stairs!! but I jogged for 40 minutes while D used the workout gear they have and did a leg and ab workout.  After my jog I did just a few ab exercises (crunches and sit ups) and pulled out a 5 pull ups… does anyone remember when I could do 12 at a time?? SIGH.  It was a great workout though we were both sweaty and I realized, I really love working out together.  We never do the same thing but I like when we’re in the same area.  It’s like we’re supporting each other with our presence.  Dan has been telling me how proud he is of my race 🙂  I don’t know I never thought to be proud of it or involve him or anything like that.  I went about running as a little side endeavor I needed to do to lose muscle mass and I was always hoping that one day I could run races that supported causes.  I thought that “exercising” with a cause in mind would give meaning to my seeming frenetic workout activities.  But as a bonus Dan loves hearing about my running workouts and was really disappointed he couldn’t come and watch the last race.  He’s looking forward to coming to watch the next one!

We decided to go straight to dinner at Swenson’s (its like Denny’s in my opinion for those of you NOT in Asia right now) sweat and all!  I ordered the salmon and D got an omelette.  I guess I’m still trying to see if I can have fish here and there.  It was great!  I had about a third of the salmon and force-fed the rest to my Dizzle.  The veggies reminded me of the kind from school lunches growing up and I loved them 🙂 Crinkle cut carrots and all.  The potatoes were bust, straight from a box so we left those too. Now I’m winding down the evening with my Twining’s Chamomile Vanilla tea with loads of honey and a splash of soya milk in my FAVORITE mug.  That cute little clown you see…that’s my man!  he he he!

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***ADDED Later: I was starving around 12am. I didn’t think I could sleep without a snack so I had a bunch of these Wasa crisp breads and Nuttelex light.  I love it, it’s non dairy and it filled me up.  Then I had a huge swig of soya milk. and believe me, I slept like a baby!


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