New Project???

I am actually at work right now and discussing my current blog project with my good friend. I was expressing how I was struggling to find passion for my 30X food experiment. Yes, I love CarrotsNCake and Sweet Tooth Sweet Life and so as I kind of wanted to try their blogging style since I really enjoy reading theirs! However I am learning an important lesson. While I love reading about their day and seeing pictures of their delicious food, I’m not so passionate about my own! I don’t really have my own kitchen right now or cupboard to keep stuff in, or even the time to cook on a regular basis. I’m thrilled when I wrangle the time and energy and boyfriend into a night of pasta and wine and salads! But really it means eating at 11pm or later. So I’m discovering my food goals right now are efficiency, simplicity and feeling full and satisfied on the run. That has not made for interesting meal blogging, in my opinion (except when I try to include cleavage or wear my Victoria Beckham sunglasses). So we were brainstorming what is more up my alley and she suggested trying out 30 day workout programs that are in popular magazines… being a workout guinea pig is REALLY up my alley, don’t you think? Just talking about it made me tingle. So while I will stick to my commitment to photo document my food for the rest of the 30 days, once that is over I will be starting a 30 day workout routine (from Women’s Health or Oxygen or something you suggest) and I’ll post before and after pictures and write daily about the workouts. What do you think? and do you have a specific program you’d like me to test out for you? I’ll take anything into consideration…

This is me at work looking for inspiration:


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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