Day 11 Recovery Day

I didn’t get to sleep nearly long enough to recover from yesterday, but boy I did sleep hard! When my alarm went off this morning I wanted to cry, felt like I hadn’t even fallen asleep yet! Regardless I got to work on time, and, for some unknown reason, I made myself black tea (w/soya milk and raw sugar) in a travel mug -instead of coffee. I don’t think that was very smart BUT it was exactly what I was craving. I made it through work and by 5pm I was sipping my much desired shandy with my favorite person. I had a good early dinner with Dan while watching the replay of the Collingwood/West Coast Eagles game (for all of you not dating an Australian, that’s Australian League Football. and for all you single ladies not dating an Australian YET, these athletic young bucks are quite the eye candy… I’m mean you know, not that I notice). Not an eventfull day and I’m glad. I’m exhausted! But tomorrow’s my day off, so you know what that means…sleeping in and COFFEEEEEEEE. But Diz and I discussed the new project (that he made me not start tomorrow because I have to finish THIS 30 day project first. damn responsible people!) and I’m really excited. I’ll start a new project on June 13th and post my progress daily (with pictures of course). It’s going to be a fitness program but I promise to mention my nutrition and of course show you whatever new recipes I whip up or delectable things I order. MMMMmmm

Breakfast – black tea with soya milk and raw sugar; pineapple from 7-11 (I’m amazing)
Lunch/snack at work – yellow pepper, sugar snap peas w/ guacamole; half the bag pictured of trail mix I made (pumpkin and sunflower seeds, dairy free chocolate chips, organic dry cranberries)
Dinner- Salad with Ahi; Fries w/ barbecue sauce!!!, Pure Blonde Shandy. I picked at the salad and made Dan finish the Ahi pieces… every time I test it out I feel better as a vegetarian. We ate half the bowl of fries, I ate the most 🙂 I love bbq sauce!! and the shandy was exactly what I wanted. I may have kissed the glass
Dessert-this whole bag of frozen jelly belly’s YUM

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OH and I signed up for my next race, The Shape Run 2011! It’s another 10k. I’m going to use it as a well placed training run. I am searching for the right half marathon to sign up for. After getting my results from the 10k yesterday – 1:10:01 I wasn’t impressed with my speed, though I was happy with the run. I’m not really competitive, I had always just wanted to finish and finish well. Now I want to start getting better. I have a marathon training manual that I’ll see if I can start using to train for a half and I’ll try to shave some minutes of my 10k time at the Shape run. It’s July 24 so I have just under two months. That’s just the motivation I need 🙂 Anyone else doing the Shape run??


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