Big Day/Goodnight!

After my epic posts of late, I’ll try to be a little less pedantic tonight! The event went great this morning despite the fact that nearly all performers are ridiculous before 10am (and that’s still early) so 6am call times was interesting!! But we did it and it was great. I was tired during my regular sets but then I was super excited about the race tonight! I had made a special playlist and everything 🙂 My taxi was stuck in traffic on the way there from work and I nearly missed the flag off! I got there with ten minutes to spare, used the bathroom, lined up and we were off!! I’ll know my precise time within 48 hours but I felt really good. I wore the 2X compression leggings and so tomorrow we shall see if the legs feel good.

I loved the race, loved the feel of running and pushed myself. I felt like one pack of humanity moving under the trees and next to the water (it was a beautiful route). I wish Dan had been able to come watch as the event was actually really cool with a live band and a really outdoor barbeque kind of feel. I’ve never participated in a race as an entire event. This is my third race and I’ve always had to rush from work and leave right after the race for work. Tonight I rushed to the race and I could’ve stayed after but I hadn’t coordinated with D as he was working late and I left my phone with him. But I can’t wait until we get to do an event without ten other commitments on the same day. Perhaps I’ll even live in one place long enough to be part of the running community!!! GASP!
I actually went back to work after the race because Dan had to work and so we had dinner once we were both done at Hard Rock Cafe. I’m just putting my food into a slide show for you tonight. I’m getting bored with paying attention to EVERYTHING I eat and trying to make it interesting. I’m creatively stunted in that area (the cleavage picture from yesterday wasn’t even my idea!) I’ll brainstorm tomorrow while I’m working…
and really after this 30 day project I promise for a while to only post insanely delicious food that I either make or order.

Brekkie – coffee and an apple and banana
Lunch – an insane amount of crackers (the kind w/sugar on top!), sports water with a scoop of chia seeds, a whole can of vegetarian chili
Pre race- Haribo Gummy Candies!
Dinner – Hard Rock Veggie Burger w/ side salad- I took the veggie burger off the buns and put it on my salad… it was delicious and came topped with fresh salsa!
Dessert – black cats
yes it seemed an insane amount of food at the time. But I wanted to eat a little more then I usually thought prudent to see if I had abundant energy whilst running. I wouldn’t call it abundant but it didn’t run out for the first time! and I was hungry for dinner after so I call it a win! Then dinner really hit the spot! Now I feel like I need large amounts of water and days of sleep… but it’s off to work at 8:30am tomorrow. But that’s okay, Diz and I have a dinner date at our fave restaurant that happens to play the Australian Channel. And I’m craving a large beer that I can satisfy!! Couldn’t have one tonight because I’m to weak to deal with tiredness, post race achey-ness and a hangover tomorrow morning!


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