Day… what day is this again?

I woke up twice last night because of … nosebleeds. That’s right, twice. That adorable polka dotted nighty you got to see in my classy slideshow now looks like it took part in a gruesome murder. Sadness… although I suppose that’s a good excuse to do a little shopping at Cotton On Body, I mean, I need new stuff if I plan to keep cooking in sleepwear 🙂

Yesterday’s food, in all honesty, I’m only on Day 7 and I’m growing bored of cataloging my food! I had no idea I was such a boring eater! This is what I’m finding “oh another salad…” “uh, soup spoon for lunch?” ” mmm baby carrots, regular carrots, banana, crackers”, wow I am so not an interesting diner! And today Dan and I went to Boomerangs again because I was starving for breakfast after the late rehearsal last night and… guess what I ordered, betcha can. After four days of food photography I can pretty much use those same photo’s for every day. So lesson #2 of 30X is that I need more variety in my diet, other then just many flavors of gummy candy!

Here is my food in pictures from yesterday (I was going to have soup spoon for lunch but I thought to myself that I’d ALREADY posted a few pictures of the same meal I always get there so I forced myself to try something new!)

I had my standard coffee for brekkie yesterday and then the following from 4pm on:

Necessary prework soy latte and I had a banana for a snack (no picture though)

Dinner that I packed (I’m so cool! I put sunflower seed butter inside the pita!!) :

I then finished off the jelly bellys from the night before. I got home at like 1 am and I was starving again. It’s hard sometimes when I’m busy and out at rehearsals or work and I try to predict how much healthy food to bring. I nearly always underestimate. I think I’ve packed too much and then I’m feeming for a snack and trying to keep my hands off the free food that I KNOW I’ll regret. But I didn’t eat the cookies and biscuits at work! Instead I spread a little sunflower seed butter on a rice cake when I got home and drank a gigantic glass of rice milk. Yes I know, I’m wild and crazy.

I was good and starving for breakfast this morning (morning as in 11:30 am when we rolled out of bed and made it to last call for breakfast at Boomerangs) I pretty much demolished my standard breakfast :
Now I’m back in bed 🙂 and I have to go because Dan just turned on P90X’s “Chest and Back”. I asked (since we’re both lying down on our computers), “babe why’d you turn this on?”. He replied “to turn you on baby..” with a Chesire cat grin…. oh he knows me so well!


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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