Day 5 – Planning Ahead!

So, as you all know I’m a performer and the 9-5 workday doesn’t exist for us. Hence the 4am-11am sleep cycle!

Yesterday we had a call time (time you have to clock in at work) of 6:30pm and our work day was scheduled to end at 2am. I’m kind of a night owl (comes with the territory I suppose) anyway so that’s okay but usually my eating habits go to hell and I’m cursing special events. So this time (TRIAL AND ERROR PEOPLE) I planned ahead muahahahah! I’m so smart! I slept in a little and went to my two yoga classes on an empty stomach (almost empty – I drank half of my morning coffee before leaving). I wasn’t hungry at all and I guzzled the water. I’m always afraid I’m going to starve have way through yoga and then melt into a puddle but that fortunately did not happen. I actually felt amazing!! I think I may have actually eaten a good amount of calories the day before, yay me!! After yoga though it was 3pm and I was hungry. I went to Soup Spoon for my favorite Pumpkin Soup with Asian Tofu Salad. I ate most of the salad and I dipped the roll in the soup. But didn’t even eat a fourth of the soup. I was full. But delicious. I’m pretty much a creature of habit. I think it comes from the fact that my career is very rarely stable and so if my habits are I feel grounded.

w I got to what I knew was going to be a long rehearsal feeling good! I bought a coffee (soy sugar free vanilla latte!) and a book on the way and had a small banana with it. MMMM!

As the night went on I may have gone to Candyliscious (like Disney for me!) and may have eating a bunch of these – but I shared too!!

We did a few runs and while I wasn’t famished I was thinking that by the time I got home I might be so I had some baby carrots and 2 whole wheat pita dipped in a little scoop of sunflower seed butter (CUZ I CAN’T BELIEVE I’m allergic to peanut butter, almonds and every other nut that you can make a delicious butter out of…DRAT) so recently I’ve tried sunflower butter and I do like it, but it’s super expensive here so I’m going to to look for other ways to get a vegan source of fat and protein. I didn’t take pictures of those last snacks as I was at rehearsal but here is a picture of the sunflower butter I use here!

All in all, I felt proud of myself for packing food ahead. There were a lot of unhealthy biscuits and stuff and I didn’t have any and I never felt like my energy was flagging like it usually does!! GO ME!!! I listened to my body completely today, I took yoga instead of my run because my body felt tight and stressed (yoga was amazing) I ate a MEAL before rehearsal and I snacked on healthy things (except the jelly belly’s but I didn’t kill them off either) before I was starving or tired or bitchy!!! I’m ALL about celebrating the small wins in my journey 🙂


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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