Food Day 4 in Pictures!!

Brekkie at Boomerangs! My fave, started like this

I got this far in and tried to pawn the rest off on D
That is my begging face and my threatening knife and fork!!!

Then I had a snack at work a few hours later, post exercise – 20 minutes elliptical until I felt so bored I nearly keeled over, 30 minutes of intervals on the stationary bike…sweating!

I ate two of these suggestive carrots and 3 digestive biscuits (I love those so much I really have to just take a few out and then PUT THEM AWAY!)

Then D and I met between sets for dinner at coffee bean. I didn’t like my caesar salad so I just ate the egg and a few bites of the lettuce. Still hungry I finished up with the vanilla fro-yo they serve there!! mmmmm much better then caesar salad! (notice the 2 spoons, I think they thought I’d share my vanilla deliciousness…i intended NOT

Dan took the picture of me in the hat 🙂  He’s a much better blog photog then I am… but I’m hoping his talent will rub off on me a little!

We both worked late tonight so we got to go home together and I got a bit of a sweet tooth regardless of the fact that I still have a massive eruption on my forehead sooo I started healthy with these dried cranberries (see I even measured them in my nifty travel cup)!   But that wasn’t enough, so I moved onto these…..and in the spirit of honesty I have to say that I was still hungry so I ended my night with a few pieces of mozzarella cheese on Wasa crackers (and if you haven’t tried them, they’re awesome!  healthy and crunchy and hearty.  I had the sesame flavor mmmmm).

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, I have an evening call time for a rehearsal (6pm-3am!) so after my morning coffee, I’m going to try to head to the yoga studio for a hot class, then perhaps PERHAPS, finally make my vegan banana bread. The ingredients have been lingering for a few days now and I have procrastinated. But it will be worth the wait, I love this recipe.  I originally used this recipe from, and now I add dark chocolate chips and extra cinnamon and take tons of creative liberty (like halving the sugar and sometimes using olive oil instead of margarine.  when I use olive oil I use less then the amount on the recipe).  It always seems to turn out great and gain me friends!

Good night for now! It’s 3am here, whoa nelly!  I’ve really enjoyed blogging recently, so I guess I’m a card carrying “blogger”!  I feel like there’s so much to learn and experiment…


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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