Day 2

AHHHhhhhh I love my days off! It has been perfect. I made some coffee with soymilk and equal and got back into bed to read until 11! Then I ate these two hardboiled eggs on my way out to the RunBikeSwim Expo.
I had to pick up my race packet for the Sundown Marathon on May 28th. I know what you’re thinking… marathon?? No way, not yet! I’m participating in the women’s 10k. The expo was really cool though. There’s going to be a 10k, half marathon, marathon and ultra all starting at staggering times and going through the night and into the next day! I unfortunately have a mammoth week at work next week complete with a 6am call time on the day of the race but I’m super stoked anyway, it’ll be the perfect way to end the day and hopefully I’ll get to stay and cheer on the overnighters 🙂 I bought a snack at the expo (the Yogi teas have always been my favorite and these little puffed granola snacks did not disappoint! I ate more then one serving, but not the whole bag. I was feeling, am still feeling queasy from motion sickness. Never read in the back of a cab. never.) as well as some fun gear. I’ve wanted to try out the compression leggings for some time. I then wore them to my hot baptiste yoga class. It was awesome!!! I have to say Vinyasa classes are always my favorite. I’m not a huge yoga buff as I’m quite clumsy at it, but I get a lot out of it. Now I’m about to throw together some pizza sauce a la Giada DeLaurentiis, pour myself a glass of this sweet red wine and try to whip together my vegan banana bread whilst waiting for D to come home and join me! I think I’ll go put on a little Dean Martin to complete the mood 🙂 have a great evening and I might post later tonight reveal what I ate the rest of the night!! I’ll finally post my product review in the next few days. I worked on it a bit this morning and probably will again this evening.


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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