Day 1!

Upon rising and on an empty stomach: 4 Perenil capsules and water, then Cleanse powder in water and another glass of water (I’ll be posting about my 30 days on COLONIX cleanse program soon)
Then at work I started the day with my own Folgers coffee with equal and soymilk! A banana was consumed before my first set at work (11:45am)

hmmm that picture turned out a little more suggestive then I planned, but.. OH WELL!

Next at 1pm I was noshy again and since I wanted to use my lunch break for the gym I drank my chia pudding I’d made the night before. I was going to just drink half but I drank it all. It’s 2 tbls chia seeds and 8oz soymilk with a tbls honey.
I’ve been playing with chia seeds since I read “Born to Run” two months ago and I have to say even Dizzle tried them and noticed an energy difference. So since I’ve been dragging in my cardio workouts lately I thought I’d give it a try! It totally worked! I rocked my 40 minute run today over my lunch break (2-3pm). I jogged easy for 30 minutes and didn’t cover much distance BUT the idea was to jog the whole time. Then I sprinted off and on the last 10 minutes and though I only ran a 5k, the sprints at the end felt awesome!! I was dripping with sweat and by the time my next set was done at 4pm I was starving for lunch!! So at when I was done I cut up yellow pepper and cucumber and added it to my spring mix, drizzled on italian dressing and put honey roasted sunflower seeds on top… mmmmm. I ended lunch with 4 Digestive biscuits (I adore them and they are dense and always make me feel a little fuller. however I will be weaning myself off of them as I go more and more vegan) and another cup of the joe I brought with me. That’s actually quite a bit of food for me today. Hopefully that will protect me from crazy eating 🙂 Oh I took my vitamins too (2 GNC prenatals, 1 GNC B12, 2 probiotics and a YAZ birth control – I’ll explain all these in my product post) .  Now that it’s 6pm and I have one more set before I go for the day, I feel snacky, as usual.  BUT I’m finishing off my coffee and guzzling water in hopes to ward off the munchies.  I’m heading to a pole dancing class after work… I haven’t practiced in sooooo long.  I’ll post dinner and the end of day one tonight! 


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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