I’m finally online!  And right now my coworkers are watching the Doco “Supersize Me!” I’ve seen it but  years ago!  I do recommend it though because it was really really insightful.  And I just love someone who uses themselves as a human guinea pig, a la Tim Ferris.  However they just said that the average desk working american takes 5,000 or less steps per day.  Great, now I want to get a pedometer and figure out how many steps a day I take!!!  I’ve never bought a pedometer… anyone have recommendations for what kind of pedometer to get? Have you used one?

So I’m actually going to do the confession portion first and later I’ll post my product review for you.  I’ve not been steady with my eating.  and I need help!  I’m not really gaining weight… I think I’m losing weight!  But I’m scaring Dizzle with the amount of chocolate chips and gummy candies I’m eating a day. and I’m not motivated to eat AT ALL until dinner and dessert.  The only reason I do is because on days I work and want to work out on my lunch break I feel famished, tired and cranky.  I don’t eat a lot of bad food.  I’ve always been mostly healthy in that I don’t eat fast food at all, I eat fresh fruit and vegetables at almost every meal.  But I DON’T like eating meals.  and I have a tendency to wait until I’m starving and then try to make myself not starving with coffee or diet coke and when that doesn’t work I end up eating the crackers they have at work.  And bam, now I don’t recognize my eating habits.  They’ve been kind of like this: Coffee with soy milk until 2pm then a banana.  then at 4pm 8 crackers or carrots and hummus and crackers.  Then starving at 6pm I’m masticating the crackers or Digestive buscuits or worse jelly beans and gummy bears and diet coke.  When I finally have dinner with Diz it’s like I’m STARVING but  don’t want to eat a lot because I know I blew my caloric load on crackers and lollies.  What the hell happened to me? Reading CNC and Sweet Tooth Sweet Life I’ve been encouraged by the accountability they have.  and their ability to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The idea of eating meals gives me the shakes.  I’ve read so much lately about intermittent fasting and I love the idea of it but for some reason when I actually try to go 24 hours without any food I feel listless.  What is GOING ON?!!!  I’ve struggled with eating disorders up and down for years and while I have been a healthy weight for a long time now, I still wrestle with what to eat and how to feel about it daily.  So in the spirit of these fine ladies that are swiftly becoming my inspiration I’m going to account for what I eat and what I do for workouts here on my blog.  I’ll try to photograph every thing that I eat and drink but whatever I don’t photograph I’ll tell you about.  Help me?  Keep me accountable?  30 Days is my challenge and it starts today.  I don’t have any guidlines, I just want to see what I eat and how it affects me and as I go along I’ll make tweaks (and perhaps you’ll give advice or opinions!)  So that makes this thirty days starting Thursday May 19, 2001 – Friday June 3, 2011.  My exercise goals will be written at the beginning of the week.  I’ve been exercising with a loose plan in my head, trying to take each day as it comes and remember to put my focus on running and cardio and taking a class here and there.  But I need to step it up to include a definitive abs plan.  After the 30 days I think I’ll try out the 4-6 competition prep I just ordered from Julie Lohr for a fitness model competition.  I just want to see what THAT does for my body. What do you think?  Are you with me?  I’ve added a page just for my thirty day experiments (because I actually like to do a lot of 30 day experiments, so why not document them!) called 30x LETS DO IT!


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. Eat! My dear, you are not consuming enough and it is taxing on your body whether you notice the signs or not. Time to balance it out better if you’re going to do a 30x. Big sis talking now. Eat. Your body will thank you.

    • Ah Carrie, you are like the big sister I never had. I love that you’ll always tell me the truth and what you really think. I was afraid I was under eating, I have a really hard time judging objectively. I think I might start recording calories for the completely opposite reason most people do, lol. Thanks again. PS I miss the US and I might try to make a trip out in November or December. If so I’ll see where you are and what you’re up to. I think it’s time for another visit!

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