The Verdict

I’m actually going to do something a little out of character for me. Tomorrow is D day, the day Dizzle and I decided to start our 6 months of awesomeness (and to awesomeness!). We both are prepared with a workout plan, an eating plan and a bad habit to give up. We have a list of things to do for our careers that we can tick of one by one. I thrive on this shit, lists, goals, plans. It’s my guilty pleasure 🙂

Dan is trying to build muscle and shred up, he’s limiting his bread intake while upping his calories and meal frequency. His bad habit to give up is biting his nails.

For ME, after much deliberation and weighing plans and goals against each other I’ve decided it’s time to end my weight training embargo. While I’d still like to lose a little muscle I need to burn some fat and tone the muscle I have. But I have really liked my running habit and I need to utilize my yoga membership. Soooo I uncharacteristicly will be following a 3 day/week A/B split workout program from Men’s Health Magazine. I know, I read all the mags but never ever do the workouts. This one though reminds me of the program Jaye my friend and first trainer put me on that worked wonders and I had tones of lean tone and energy. Its a one month program with only 6 exercises in each circuit making it time efficient. I’m trying out my theory that more is not more. 3 days a week and I run at least 2 days. On running days I do ab ripper. Simple, and flexible. If I don’t get to the gym on Monday I can do Wed, Fri, Sun or Tues, Thurs, Sat. I need flexible and rigid at the same time. With this schedule I can take yoga on my days off work or dance classes just for the sake of taking them not for my fitness fix for the day. I’m not counting them as a workout; they’re my activities. And if I want to run a third or fourth day I can but it’s not REQUIRED by my schedule. Since it’s only a month long program I can reassess after 3 weeks and if I feel bulky or not changed at all, I will change to 4 days of yoga and 4 days of distance running or a pilates program or go on P90x or insanity or pay a personal trainer 🙂 My eating plan is the original clean eating plan that admittedly my ex boyfriend put me on but it was great. 9 clean foods eaten during the week, cheat day on Sunday. It’s easy, I’ve done it before and I can only eat candy on Sunday. the biggest difference is that I won’t be drinking protein shakes or eating protein bars. and lastly my bad habit that I have to give up is drinking diet coke.  We made a deal I don’t drink the poison and he doesn’t bite his nails.  I had a little mini easter cheat day today to kick things off right complete with chocolate eggs and a few easter colored candy corn.

And so…. We’re OFF!


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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