Trial and Error

I forgot to tell you about my latest experiment! I’m doing The Warrior Diet. I’ve been reading about Ori Hofmekler for years, since I was in college in 2000. But I’ve never actually tried it. Essentially you “undereat” 20 hours per day and “overeat” for 4. This essentially gives you hours of fat burning, detoxing, gastrointestinal resting time and then, triggering your inner, instictual warrior, the ability to overeat in the evening. Sound counterintuitive? Give it a shot if you’re game! You can still eat during the day but just raw fruit, raw vegetables and fresh juices. Raw nuts in the later afternoon if you’re feeling weak and/or small lean protein (eggs, kefir). then when you take your dinner it’s eat until you’re more thirsty then hungry but start with raw veg (salads) then cooked food (soup, protein/fat) end with your carb choices or nuts. you can eat chocolate for dessert… et al.

I have actually been thriving on the diet in some ways. It’s not really a diet, just a change. I do find that I’m hungry during the day but being able to pick up a bag full of fruit and veggies to eat throughout the day has proved to be satisfying and also hydrating. I workout well, I do better when I can have raw almonds or pumpkin seeds after 3pm as I start to feel famished. The problem I’ve run into is the overeating phase… by the time I eat dinner I can’t over eat. I have salad, then soup and can’t finish my bowl of soup. an hour later I crave dessert and have some gummies (not allowed but meh, I’m eating them anyway) and I usually go to bed feeling bloated and like I have to drop a load, that doesn’t come out. TMI?? So sorry 🙂 However I wake up in the morning unbloated, feeling flat in the stomach and I get to start my day with tea and coffee and pick out my fruits for the day. I don’t follow the diet to the letter. If I’m feeling weak, I don’t have a small handful of nuts, I eat quite a few, especially if I’m working. I don’t eat very much at my one meal but if I’m feel a little peckish latter in the 4 hours and desire sugar, I have jelly beans or gummy bears or dark chocolate. I have managed to lose nearly a kilogram without even trying. Really the only beef I have is how full and bloated I feel after dinner and I don’t have room in my stomach for much of a dinner even though I felt famished most of the day. But I’ve only been doing this for like 2 weeks now. I’ll let you know how it progresses. It seems if I can get past the bloating after the evening meal this’ll rock. It means I don’t think about food 24/7 and during the day I drink so much more water then usual, bottles and bottles more because when I start to feel really hungry if I skull a few waters I don’t feel hungry anymore and I’m refreshed. Oh, I’m peeing like a champ too which is a little annoying but I think in the long run it’ll be good for me.

to be continued…


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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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