Photo Shoots

You want to know the best thing about being this side of 25?

I never thought I’d be this stoked about getting ever closer to my thirties buuuut. I’m not dieting. I say this every post like it’s epic. That’s because for me it is. Even with all the allergy stuff and dating a guy who can lose weight simply because he slept for 8 hours, I have managed to not diet. or count calories. Or really give a shit. I tried taking out gluten for a couple days. I tried taking out sugar, eggs and all the other things I tested as being allergic to. But after a day or two I went back to my jelly bellys, soy lattes and generally eating what I want. 85% of what I want is healthy – pumpkin soup, salad with tofu or grilled chicken, air popped popcorn, rice crackers, crudites. But that 15% rocks my world on daily basis… usually that’s jelly belly’s, toast with avocado, pretzels or full fat salad dressing (on the side of course but still there). plus, my workouts have been like, when I can do them instead of every day, several times a day.

so this means I had jelly belly’s yesterday and today, had dinner, and didn’t have time for a workout but did have a fashion photo shoot this morning and I have a fitness photo shoot tomorrow morning. OH well! and I saw some of the pics today… I look thin and fit (and very very white too). So take that dieting/overworking out old me! I’m still fit and healthy. I’m, for the first time, becoming a moderation buff. Jelly beans are the hardest thing to be moderate about and I find I’m eating them waaaaay too much. But Dan is helping me with that addiction. other then that I don’t have soy lattes and tofu every day, or eggs or any known allergens. I didn’t cut them out, I just don’t do a lot of them at a time and I stay away from a regular consumption pattern. I don’t eat much gluten, choosing other things when I can. But I still have my roll with my pumpkin soup if I go to soup spoon. I still try to work in a work out everyday but if, like today, I would have had to give up having dinner with dan, I do a couple sit ups in the dressing room and schedule a long run for the next day.

and it’s awesome. I wear a size two, I’ve dropped some muscle, I still have a six pack, but now with more curve in the lower part of it, and I eat jelly beans nearly every day. my stress is lower and so is my weight. Boo yah.

when I get some of the pictures I’ll post them.

xo my peeps!


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. You are a great fitness model. Aspirational for those seeking fitness – and fun to look at 😀

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