Oy Vey

Sooo, get this, I had the allergy test and (drum roll please) I’m NOT allergic to wheat, gluten, corn et all. I AM allergic to all the things I’ve been eating instead – ie. soy, sugar, vanilla, eggs, malt, COFFEE, and garlic (what?). Oh and peanuts, almonds and pecans (and maybe other nuts, I’m afraid to try) Okay, so not ALL the things I’ve been eating instead but being vegetarian and alternately vegan the mainstay of my diet has been tofu, soymilk, sometimes egg whites but definitely every morning includes a soy latte (read, soy, vanilla, coffee and sugar). and instead of fried food, food with gluten or anything fattening I’ve been eating jelly belly’s (gluten free and vegan) ha ha, the jokes on me. So after freaking out just a little and using the food diary the doc gave me to track my foods, I’ve realized that 1. I don’t eat half the amount of calories I thought I did 2. I eat even less calories when I can’t eat sugar and nuts (apparently the bulk of my caloric intake) 3. I’m REALLY hungry without said foods 4. I really haven’t had quite the healthy diet I thought I had 5. I don’t think I have TRUE allergies, I think I have overeaten a few foods, suppressed my immune system and developed some sensitivities based on stress and overconsumption. kind of like repetitive stress but on my digestive/immune system. Note to self, a diet that hinges on salads, jelly bellys, soy lattes and raw almonds is NOT well rounded.

So I’ve cut those things out for the past week but I’ll tell you, I’m freaking starving all the time. I feel like I could eat a cow. So I might. I’m going to focus on lean proteins, veggies, fruits and destressing. And I’ve decided that sugar allergy or no, tomorrow I’m eating jelly beans. I can’t go another day without them. Somethings are worth the intestinal irritation.

until later… xo


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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  1. I think I’d rather be allergic to gluten than sugar, eggs, and garlic.

    • ME TOO!!! I’ll give up all manner of breads, pastas, crackers, sauces, dressing, … et al but let me keep my jelly beans and italian food!! eeek! I hate to admit, I’ve already eaten those allergens. Today I had scrambled eggs, jelly beans and I’m pretty sure my soup had garlic in it. I’m not dead yet. But trying nuts again turned me into the hive queen…. so all manner of nuts are out. Damn.

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