2011 update

So… fitness, diet, life.. it all gets jumbled up. I used to be so exacting, I used to be so scheduled. I am still very disciplined – I smile when my boyfriend describes me as such (as in “yeah, crista is super disciplined. She works out everyday”) because I think I feel chaotic, and I’m afraid of being lazy but the world outside me, the world that matters to me, sees me as disciplined. And yet I’ve found that worrying too much about my diet and exercise takes me back to hunger and anxiety and so I’ve done away with. I run, powerwalk, bike nearly every day. I do abs once or twice a week. On top of that I do pole on the days I have choreography or teacher training, I do silks or lyra training a day or two here or there whenever I can get the facility. That’s as far as workouts go. and that seems to be doing great things for my body. Food… I stay away from most bad foods (fried, crappy, overprocessed) the majority is salads, soups, rice crackers, tofu, chicken and jelly bellys. I recieve bites of cheesecake, pie, spaghetti, bruscetta, steak – whatever dan is eating. I have wine, a beer, a coctail, whenever I like – a few times a week. I skip a few meals here and there when I’m busy, full from the last meal, not sure I can eat what will feel nourishing or just when i feel my digestive system feels taxed.

That’s been the way of it and I haven’t gained or lost anything. I’ve been just enjoying, doing what feels best. I see no reason to stop doing this…

…except I’ve had several really bad allergic reactions in the past few months. Seemingly I am allergic to all manner of nuts, including the almonds I nearly existed on for the past few years. The reactions are getting worse. So I have a (3 hour!) allergy test tomorrow…ugh. Testing for all the standards, wheat dairy soy nuts spices sugar….blah blah blah. The doc thinks perhaps I have allergies causing the “IBS” I was diagnosed with years ago, the chronic upper respiratory infections and possibly the fact that I don’t have a period.. although, that seems a bit of a stretch. I suppose too it’s possible I have celiac and that has caused the seeming allergic reactions to these other foods? I dont know. I’ve been avoiding gluten a bit to see how I felt but honestly I ate almonds the other day and have felt crappy ever since so I think nuts are a pretty sure allergy for me. oh well, I’ll keep you posted. I’m going to leave setting up a diet until after I find out what’s wrong with me lol!

Other then that Christmas and New years was fantastic. I worked the whole holiday but had a good time. Got to spend new years with my beau ( i worked and then kismet-ly found him at crowded clarke quay 2 minutes to midnight…sigh) and it’s been a good start to the year barring my almond infection.

More after the test tomorrow….

the pics – the boys playing guitar on christmas, dan, sis and I on the bungie that nearly gave me a post christmas heart attack, dan and I a minute after our midnight kissmet (it won’t get old for a while kids) …and various



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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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