Happy Thanksgiving Y’all

I have so many things to say but my mind is to scattered. Watching my grandfather nearly catatonic in his bed as forced me to ammend some of my life and fitness goals. Emotional aspects of losing a family member aside, seeing age, degeneration and loss up close and personal ALSO allows you to look at how you want to physically prepare your body for the rest of your life. and for your death. More on that this week. I’m going to be taking a good hard look at my physical goals and the means to accomplish them as well as a nutritional inventory and, if needed, overhaul. Stay tuned…

As for me, I managed to run and do light conditioning (abs, push ups, lunges) nearly every day I was in Florida. Including on my layover in the Houston airport on my way home. HOwever sleep has been nearly non existant. I couldn’t really sleep in the US. Then I flew and let me tell you I had a 4 hour flight, then 13.5 hours (houston to tokyo = KILLER) and 7 hours from Tokyo to Singa. Fortunately for me, my Dizzle is amazing and met me at the airport, then got up early to help me move all day until he went to work. That’s right I had to move out and in today. UGH. I must say that although I didn’t get a workout in, I did lift a dryer and carry it downstairs to the taxi queue all by myself. Buuuut the taxi driver graciously helped me carry it up to my new apartment.

So I’m behind on my workouts, my eating and sleep patterns are wacky and tomorrow is thanksgiving and I’m cooking. However I plan to make a gigantic dream salad for myself (fine I’ll share it too.. a little) because all I want is a nice healthy meal. I guess back in the saddle on Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving all. Hug the ones you love, and really, love the ones your with.



About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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