And then I fell apart…

yeah…. I’ve been in bed the past few days. I mean like yesterday I was physically out of my bed only three hours total. That’s so not me. I push through colds and sinus infections and the like but this took me down. Perhaps I pushed too hard last week.

It’s funny, what I keep thinking is “damn! this was supposed to be week one of phase 3 p90x and now It’s got to be a second recovery week”

Yeah, can’t drag my ass out of bed to make a cup of tea but I’m trying to figure out if I can squeeze out an ab ripper x and chest and back…

the answer to that turned out to be noo…. but I finally rolled out of bed today and while I”m quite dizzy I have a strength class to teach. so I’m still going to take it easy the rest of this week and hopefully I’m a hundred percent by monday.. then I’ll start phase 3.



About evafitness

I fell into fit-love like falling into a well! I started this blog because I realized how much of my day I spent working out, trying new physical activities, reading fitness blogs and the like. Now I'll share my questions, findings and general fitness environment with y'all!!

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