So at the urging of a friend of mine I’m trying out mixing spirulina, chlorella and wheat grass powder into juice and drinking it every day. I’ve been, though pretty healthy, really tired a lot. perhaps this will help?? I’ll keep you posted…


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I fell into fit-love like falling into a well! I started this blog because I realized how much of my day I spent working out, trying new physical activities, reading fitness blogs and the like. Now I'll share my questions, findings and general fitness environment with y'all!!

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    • Oh I just poured like 2 cups of juice in a mixer and dumped a heaping spoon of each kind of green from the bottle into the mixer, shook it up and drank! It was very very greeny but good. I haven’t done that in a while, thanks for reminding me, I’ll have to do my greens again. I also put a small spoonful of each green into a smoothie of frozen banana and soymilk. also good. for some reason though I get the runs from drinking the spirulina and I haven’t figured out how to use it without the gastrointenstinal upset…

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