Sunday, wanted to run a 6miler. I got nearly three miles in and puked my guts out (sorry, should of warned you). I don’t know whats been going on with my insides but it hasn’t been pleasant. Tried to push through but gave up and went home. I didn’t want to waste my workout day so I thought I’d try something I read about… the ideas of Dr. Tabata (it’s really similar to HIIT high intensity interval training). Essentially it’s doing one exercise (like squats for example) as many times as you can for 20 seconds, then a 10 second break and on and on for 4 minutes. Intense and short. Oxygen magazine put together it’s own little “Fat Burning Tabata Cluster”. I thought, I want to burn fat and clearly I can’t steady state cardio it away today. So this is what Oxygen had me do 🙂

Lunge – 2 x 20 second sets 10 second rest in between then
Seated Medicine Ball Twist
Jump Squats (all exercises following the sequence of the first)

The mag said I should feel like a limp dishrag by the end. I didn’t feel that tuckered out but by the first set of jump squats my quads were burning. I finished off my workout day with Ab Ripper X and called it a win, puking and all.

I wasn’t thrilled with the Tabata while I was doing it, felt like nothing. But by yesterday my muscled felt like they had been worked so I think I’m going to punch in just that fat burning cluster two more times this week and see what it does for me. I need a little plateau buster, perhaps this is just the ticket!

and I’ve been wearing my tone up sketchers on long walks and when I walk the dog. I don’t really know that they’re working my legs anymore then if I just climbed a few stairs on my walks. So in my opinion, although they may make the average desk worker work a teensy bit harder, they’re a gimmick. but they’re cute and I paid a pretty penny for them so I’m wearing them on my walks dammit! kinda like my Fit-flops… geesh I’m a sucker..

Ciao for now!


About Coco

Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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