Okay, so I’ve gotten kinda busier then I thought and blogging went by the wayside. I have however started to make my way through the “Hyperfitness” book and here’s what I’m thinking since I’m about to start Phase 2 of P90X (although I’ve been following it loosely since I’ve been busy. Meaning if I have three classes on a cardio day and run out of time for a jog, I don’t stress. I even skipped a legs and back day when I’d done too much pole practice and my back was aaaaching, opting for another run day). That means I have 2 more months of P90, that’ll take me through November. I like it for many reasons but it allows me to train for my road races on cardio days while mixing up my workouts with abs and resistance work. I had tried to start Insanity because I think it’ll help me lose a bit more muscle mass without losing tone but I found I can’t do Insanity and train for the 10k at the same time… toooo much cardio with no break for my hamstrings and I was starting to skip runs. Sooooo all that to say, the Hyperfitness program is a 12 week program and it’s very dynamic. I plan to start it in December. I think I’ll need something a little bit different since I’ll have done P90X 4 times by then. and I’ll be even busier then I am now which means I need something flexi.


and now for the impulse part… I’m trying out a gimmick to see if it’s really a gimmick. I bought the Sketchers “shape-ups”, you know, the trainers that supposedly help you tone while you walk.. lol! But I bought the ones made for jogging. At least they told me they were the heavier duty ones you can run in. So I figure, I’ll use them when I walk the dog and go on walks (which I do sometimes when my hammy’s are really sore from jogging). I’ll let you know what I find. So far, I have found them target my hip flexors when I walked in them for 45 minutes… oh, there’s a dvd too. I’ll suss it out 🙂



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Dancer, performer, cosmetologist and now first time mum. I spent my life traveling the world as a performer. Now, the next chapter is unfolding...

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